MGM resorts is in bullish phase, in a sell signal after a double bottom breakdown in Sept and in a column of Xs. We must also pay attention to the bearish signal (lower highs) in place since Feb 2014. I would not endorse a long position at this point until we see a new buy […]


Great… this stock is now timber… The stock is in bearish phase, in a sell signal and in a column of Xs. However, that is about to change as soon as it touches $5.50! Under no sane reason, we must invest in Groupon! I think it sees much lower prices!

$GDX – No sane reason

The market Vectors gold Miners is on a new decline! Today it broke a double bottom support at $20. Those were the lows from December. There is absolutely no sane reason to go long in any gold miner. This thing trades at … perhaps all time lows? I do not know… but it is not […]


Bank of America Corp is back to a column of Xs! Great news for the longs! If it can manage to break $17.50, the stock will give a double top breakout buy signal and it will also complete a bullish triangle! What we could do to now miss out this opportunity is to set out […]


The technical picture of Facebook has not deteriorated at all! If anything, this should be used as a great point to initiate long or add to existing position. Continue with a stop order at $70.00 on the double bottom breakdown sell signal for long term investors. After that, no known support until $57 T

$TWTR … run for the hills!

Whoaaa!!!! The bullish support trendline… is gone! The stock managed to reach $42 and break the bullish support trendline. The stock now trades in bearish phase, in a sell signal, and in a column of Os. If you want to gamble a few of your money on weekly calls, be my guest, I do not […]


InvenSense is in bearish phase, and it gave the third consecutive sell signal after a double bottom breakdown at $17.50 There is little support at $16.00 but nothing that would make me go long in this stock! If anything…. AVOID!!! until at least you get a buy signal.  


This stock gave a significant breakout today after forming a new buy signal. This comes after a reach at $5.50 on the triple top breakout. The stop order must be set at $4.50 and not a penny lower if you are a long term investor. If you want a closer stop order, set it at […]


The point and figure chart does not support a long position in Twitter. The stock is in bullish phase, but in a sell signal and in a column of Os. Therefore, it is better to wait for a new buy signal before committing long here. I know some people will fry me over… oh I […]


In the first place, we should not had considered a long position according to point and figure rules. The stock is in bearish phase, and it was in a sell signal and in a column of Xs before this huge drop. That was only 1 positive technical attribute out of 3. At this point, there […]


  Entering a short position here on NetQin. The reason: The stock made it to the bearish resistance trendline at $11.00. This is usually a very strong resistance and the chances of this going down are high. I am going short with a stop order at $11.50 on the bearish resistance trendline violation where the […]


SodaStream Int stopped me out of my short position today with an 18% gain. The stock remains in bearish phase and in a sell signal. However, the column reversed to Xs today. I will look forward to reshort after the column has reversed to Os.


China Cache just returned to a sell signal after a quadrouple bottom breakdown at $11.50. I just initiate a short position with a stop order at $13 on the column reversal to Xs. We will see how this one plays out. Certainly nothing bullish about this from the technical side.